The Garden

at Boone Street Commons

The Garden at Boone Street Commons started as a community garden with garden beds that individuals and households can sign up for and manage on their own. Each gardener is also expected to participate in other garden activities when they are able.

For 2021, we will be offering two types of gardening options:

  • Individual/Household Gardening

  • Group Gardening

Growing as an individual/household means watering, weeding, and planting your own bed while still participating in other garden activities when you are able. What you grow is your own and could be shared with others.

Growing as a group gardener means planting, watering, and weeding will be done as a team. What is grown will be decided as a group and crops are shared amongst the group and shared with the community.

The Garden at Boone Street Commons has 23 garden beds located on the north end of the Commons. Bed sizes are 2'x2', 3'x3', 3'x6', 4'x6' and are subject to availability.

Check the map as each garden bed is different in size.

Contact us to request a garden bed or to volunteer with us.

Helpful Gardening Resources

Suggested Planting Dates

The Garden Seed List

Click on the map of the Garden to see a full size image.

Photo of the composter from the vendor's website


We have a composter in the Garden. If you would like add your organic matter to our composter, please contact us.

If you have experience composting and would like to mentor us on composting, please contact us.