Boone Street Commons is a community led, volunteer managed green space established in September 2019. This page recognizes the people and organizations who have contributed time and resources to make Boone Street Commons the community green space for East Baltimore Midway.


Tamir Ezzat

Taz Ezzat

Lowell Larsson

Melvin Jadulang

Randall Jadulang

Clare Palmeri

Robert Palmeri

Councilman Robert Stokes

Kathy Christian

We would like to recognize the following volunteers who have participated in our volunteer days between September 2019 and June 2020 who have helped to create Boone Street Commons.

Students from The Johns Hopkins University

Pamela Ezzat

Aaron Kaufman


Andrew Niemynski

Phillip Westry

Lloyd Walsh

Hope Bundy

Jason Graves

Daniel Davis

Brian Coleman

Paul Sellers

Shani Artis (MDOT)

Angela (MDOT)

Joanna Jane Bartholomew (O'Hara Development Partners)

Gabrielle (O'Hara Development Partners)

Halimah (O'Hara Development Partners)

Michele Ward

McKay Jenkins


DeAndre Cador

Kiana Cador

Marques Russell

Michael Cervero

Katrina Cervero

...and the many neighbors of Boone Street Commons who asked to not be mentioned. You are all appreciated for the time you took to help with the creation of Boone Street Commons.